3D Africa

3D Africa COVID-19 Designathon


Building Careers and Businesses with 3D Printing

3D Africa is an educational and training program that doesn’t just teach you 3D printing. You will learn how to sell what you create and how to build a business or a career around 3D printing.
With the help of classroom and online instructors, you will learn how to plan, design, and manufacture 3D printed products that you can sell locally, in online markets, and across the world. The goal is to give you the technical skills, education, business training, and support during AND after the program so that you can be employed in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, start a business, create new sources of income, or find a better job and career.

3D Africa is the latest program developed by the Youth for Technology Foundation, a long-time developer of education, training, and economic empowerment programs in Africa and other developing nations.

In this video, YTF’s President discusses how the future of technology including 3D printing can revolutionize Africa.