For Employment Seekers

What skills do employers want you to have? Learn employability skills and highly-sought 3D printing skills at 3D Africa!

Problem-Solving Skills. Your company sells products for farmers and agricultural industries but farmers cannot afford to travel to your company to purchase and many of your company’s agricultural customers are located on routes that frequently rain out. Learn how to solve that problem for both farmers and your company through 3D printing.

Collaboration and Teamwork. Your employer does not always have readily-available parts for machinery repair shops and has to outsource or purchase from other companies. Learn how to understand a repair shop’s product needs and to design 3D printing plans in collaboration with the repair shop, your employer, and yourself to meet the customer’s exact specifications.

Critical Thinking. A cosmetologist has to travel out-of-country for several days each year to buy supplies in bulk, costing their business thousands of dollars each year. What products can be 3D printed on-demand, on-site to eliminate the need to travel out-of-country each year?

Customer Service. You or your employer has become acquainted with a rural primary school that does not have separate latrines for boys and girls. The school is available only by motorcycle, bicycle, or walking. Learn how 3D printing can “build” structures on location.

Sales and Marketing. Learn how to sell your or your employer’s 3D printed products in global, online marketplaces.

Innovate. What improvements can you suggest for your employer’s products? What can you invent to make better products for your family, your friends, your community?

Be Job Ready! Be the Employee or Job Creator of the Future…Now!  3D Africa uses a human-centered, empathy-driven design process that integrates employment skills, understanding of others, and knowing how 3D printing solves problems in meeting human needs in any sector or industry.

Real-World inventors, designers, engineers, and employers will be available by online or in-person means to demonstrate how they use 3D printing and to be a mentor in designing, creating, coding, and making 3D printed products.

If you can imagine it, you can make it!  In 3D Africa, you will learn employability skills you need to make, design, sell, and innovate just about anything.