For University Students

As a University Student, there are several ways to become involved in our work.

You can apply to become a 3D Africa Tech. Ambassador in your school today.

To 3D print your way to engineering and ICT careers of your choice, register today.

The goal of the 3D Africa Club is to create a generation of technology innovators and entrepreneurs in Universities across Nigeria who will create ripple positive impact in their communities using their Hardware and Software technology skills to create novel tech ideas that will bring solutions to the myriad technological and social-economic challenges faced in Nigeria.

Through this latest movement “3D Africa Club” in the Universities we are building a pipeline of young emerging technology enthusiasts by empowering them with mentorship, training, technical resources and a platform to understand and use these emerging technologies to succeed in the future of work.

3D Africa is an educational program, teaching innovation processes by understanding and empathizing with community, individual, at-risk peoples, and social needs and issues. By using real-world scenarios participants learn to ask the right questions in design thinking and design processes. Solutions often fail because wrong questions were asked by design teams—participants learn how to ask right questions based on real data, real people, real situations, real barriers.

Real-World inventors, designers, engineers, innovators and tech. entrepreneurs will be available by online or in-person means to demonstrate How they use Technology across sectors and to be mentored in designing, creating, coding, and making 3D printed plans, products, and inventions.

In 3D Africa you will learn to dream big, solve problems, and be a change leader for today and for the future!