How the Program Works


3D Africa provides with you with the coursework, hands-on training, and expert support during and after graduation that allows you to design, produce, and sell 3D printed products.

Students, employment seekers, business owners, or entrepreneurs looking to start a business can benefit from 3D Africa:

  • Prepare for a new career opportunity
  • Earn income 24/7 from home, in digital hubs, or a place of business
  • Start entrepreneurial businesses
  • Invent new products
  • Gain new customers
  • Enter new markets
  • Participate in global, online marketplaces
  • Produce parts or products in-shop instead of buying from wholesalers, retailers, or importing

How the Classes are Organized

Classes have been designed for secondary students, university students, employment seekers, and for women and youth entrepreneurs.

All programs use a combination of online curriculum (MOOCs) and in-person training by local 3D Africa teachers.

All groups learn the technical and business aspects of 3D printing by:

  • Learning software, hardware, and modeling programs
  • Working in lab settings as part of a team to plan, invent, innovate, showcase, and revise 3D printing models to meet real-world problems
  • Meeting with mentors to develop online entrepreneurial opportunities for 3D printing products
  • Working in an open maker space in which students can work on individual projects or begin entrepreneurial businesses

Questions about the program, the classes, or how to register? Contact us — we’ll be happy to answer your questions!